Betting odds for the FA Cup

The FA Cup always attracts plenty of bets at sports betting sites, and this year is unlikely to be any different.

Already a lot of people will be putting money on those sides rated amongst the favourites by bookmakers – such as Manchester United at 4/1, Manchester City at 9/2 and Chelsea who have odds of both of these, depending on which bookies you choose. However the smart betters will know that, although these represent fairly safe bets, they are also not worth much in financial terms – you need the risky longer-odds bets for that.

The problem is balancing this, so that you still pick a team with a decent chance, and certainly both of the Merseyside clubs could be a decent bet, as they have odds of 10/1 each. Another option is Stoke City, who are 33/1 outsiders, but have no relegation worries to distract them and are a notoriously difficult team to beat – even for the biggest sides in the Premiership. Of course most football fans whose clubs are still in the tournament will be tempted to bet on them, which is why successful football betting can be hard for hardcore fans – and why online casinos like JackpotCity can represent a smart alternative.

It’s not like you can’t combine football and betting at online casino sites nowadays, as virtually all of them offer options like the Soccer Safari slots game, involving a wacky bunch of animals playing each other for a World Cup in the jungle. A game like Soccer Safari is football-themed, genuinely amusing and entertaining, and offers all the other great features of slots – such as a cash jackpot and game bonuses. You can play games like Soccer Safari from any location now as well, thanks to mobile options like iPhone casino, meaning you can use them to while away the half-time interval – or distract yourself during your side’s fourth round tie, if it starts going wrong!