Gus Poyet under Pressure after knocking off from FA Cup

Sunderland’s Gus Poyet is under intense pressure after being knocked out of the FA Cup as his team lost against Bradford City with a final scoreboard that displayed 2-0.

Things aren’t going any better for them in the Premier League due to their lack of securing victories on a consistent basis.

With around 4 months left in the Premier League, clubs and managers are attempting to end this season on a high note by sealing important victories and points in the final stages of the league.

The upcoming matches will be especially crucial for Gus Poyet and his squad as they are located on the bottom spots of the Premier League and a single victory could be the difference between being relegated and surviving for another season in the top tier English League.

Despite all of this pressure that has been building up around Sunderland and Poyet, the Uruguayan manager stated that he is used to these kinds of situations and he has affection towards being pressured.

“I like pressure because it’s the way I have been brought up. When you are in Uruguay and you play football for the national team the pressure is there to win. I have never played football or managed without pressure. I suppose it would be nice but maybe I would not be myself after because I don’t have pressure. It is part of the game. I like it, I really like it.” Sunderland’s Gus Poyet said.

It looks like the squad or at least certain players of the squad of Gus Poyet are confident that Sunderland will be able to avoid the bottom drop zone as the English midfielder Lee Cattermole believes that his team has been really consistent throughout this season and they are aiming to finish the English League in a strong way.’’

“I think if you look at the season, we haven’t gone on any eight or nine game runs without a point or without a win. We’ve been really consistent throughout the year. After our wins, we’ve not really followed it up too well. But we’ve got to look to finish the season strong.” Lee Cattermole said as he voiced his confidence in the survival of Sunderland in the Premier League.

These are very optimistic statements from the coach and the player of Sunderland, especially taking into consideration that they have only managed on securing 2 points from their last 4 Premier League matches.