Sam Allardyce sees his Team less prone to get out of League

Sam Allardyce reckons because of his players being more experienced in dealing with the relegation scenarios, it gives them the advantage over the other teams who are in danger of getting out of Premiership.

As per Allardyce, the Black Cats have been on brink of demotion successively in last few seasons and it’s always this time of the season that they have picked themselves up and have achieved that one dominating result which has changed it around for them.

Allardyce reckons, this time around that changing result might be the three-nothing annihilation that they dished out to Norwich City playing them at their home on Saturday.

However, Alex Neil, the Canaries boss, sort of laughed off at that ‘more-experienced’ thing that Allardyce was talking about and said that a combination of good fortune and probably a bit of laziness by Norwich on occasions was what handed Sunderland the game and it was not the case of them being at their ominous best at all.

Talking about relegation, Crystal Palace is a bit too far ahead. So, they are not a relegation candidate unless the huge uncertainty of the sports takes over and they lose basically everything from here, all the games and remain at 39 points only where they are currently at. But, normally, their position, at the moment, almost marks them safe.

Norwich could have been able to approach safety as well if not for that result, which Neil might call misfortune or whatever, but, now, with that happening, that loss of 0-3, they are left leading to Sunderland by 1 point only and Newcastle by 2 points.

Both Norwich and Sunderland have got Gunners to play against next, the former at Emirates, while, the latter at home, but, whichever the venue might be, it would demand a hell of a lot of effort from the two teams to snatch something off the Londoners.