Sunderland relegated from Premier League

Sunderland has been relegated from the Premier League following their defeat against Bournemouth.

Many pundits believe that Sunderland could have stood a chance if they had changed their manager during the course of the season but instead choose to hold on to David Moyes.

Indeed Leicester City has done the same after a poor season under Claudio Ranieri and has chosen to replace the manager that has allowed them to win the first title of their history. Leicester City was close to the relegation places in February and has opted to replace Claudio Ranieri. They managed to win five games in a row, and this allowed them to safeguard their place in the Premier League.

Some pundits believe that Sunderland should have done the same and this would have allowed them to remain in the Premier League. However, there are some major difference between Leicester City and Sunderland.

Leicester City won the Premier League last season, and it was almost the same team that was struggling this season. In Vardy and Mahrez they have two of the league best players, and it was easy for any manager to bring back new life to a team that has been underperforming this season.

This is a big contrast to Sunderland which is a club that is crumbling under heavy debt. Indeed in the past two seasons, Sunderland has been relying on Jermaine Defoe for goals, and twice the striker has been the leading goalscorer for the club.

Unfortunately, it was a big burden for a single player alone, and there was no manager that would have been able to save the team. Given that the club is facing a tight budget, it is hard to imagine that there was a manager that would have helped the team remains in the Premier League.