Sunderland Team gone under huge Changes

There have been a number of managerial changes in the Premier League club, Sunderland in the last few years.

Steve Bruce, Martin O’Neill, Paolo Di Canio and Gus Poyet are all of the managers or head coaches that have taken charge of the squad of Sunderland since March of 2013.

Each one of these managers have arrived to the Stadium of Light with different methods and philosophies but one thing that some of them have in common is in their plan of changing the squad and attempting to increase the quality of the team by signing a large amount of players.

Paolo Di Canio signed 14 new players in the summer of 2013 meanwhile Gus Poyet brought forward 10 players. According to the current coach of Sunderland, Poyet stated that this cannot continue going on and it needs to stop.

Gus Poyet told the media: “It looks like unfortunately in the last two years we’ve always been starting again with another seven, eight or nine players, then another eight, nine or ten players. There’s got to be a moment where you need to add that certain player who’s going to make a difference. A player who is so important that you are going to become a good team for sure.Maybe not at the level of CescFabregas and Diego Costa, but you get the idea’’

“If you see all the teams at the bottom, with the exception of one that is having a bad year, it’s every year that they’re bringing in another nine, another eight players. It’s impossible. It’s a contradiction really. We’re asking for time because we’re bringing in players, and then the next year you bring another nine or 10. So how many do you need? Twenty-five?

Poyet will try to emphasize more on the quality of players instead of simply bringing in a number of players that still have not proved themselves at a big club which is something that the previous managers of Sunderland were doing but Poyet believes that a different method is needed in order to improve the squad.