Sunderland finished at the 17th spot in the previous Premier League season as they barely managed to drift away from the bottom relegation zone but this time around might just see them being relegated as even the coach of the squad believes that they will need a miracle in order to avoid the bottom drop spots.

“I’m very honest and I know where I am. If you look at the table and the games we have got left to win, we need a miracle. We need something unique’’.

“As soon as we chased the game and opened up and needed to go attack for attack we became a very easy team to play against. As soon as we go forward we cannot defend, we cannot make decisions. We cannot go one vs one. We cannot pass the ball; we cannot get a shot on target. There are so many things that we cannot do. And there is no place to hide’’.

“The good thing is that I am responsible and I will take responsibility.” Gus Poyet admitted.

Those were the statements that the head coach of Sunderland, Gus Poyet revealed after they had suffered a 5-1 defeat against Tottenham as they played at White Hart Lane on Monday.

Fabio Borini and Lee Cattermole were the standout players for Sunderland but it wasn’t enough to stop Tottenham cruise past them and now the possibility of being relegated is starting to sink in as Sunderland suffered its 4th consecutive defeat.

Gus Poyet and Sunderland still have a few matches left that can give him the chance of climbing higher spots in the Premier League but considering that they have to face off against clubs such as: Everton, Manchester City and Chelsea in their upcoming next few matches, it will be difficult for Poyet to rescue Sunderland out of the danger zone.